7 HR – Back to basics – 1 – Recruitment

7 HR – Back to basics – 1 – Recruitment

1. Recruitment and Selection:   

When making the decision to recruit, business owners need to ensure that a set company Policy and Procedure is in place that ensures you work to best practice, the law and maintain consistency throughout, when recruiting members of the team. This is step 1 of the 7 HR – Back to basics.

Companies need to be able to demonstrate why somebody got the job rather than another candidate. 

  • Was it their qualifications?
  • Was it their experience?
  • Their Competence when answering questions?
  • Why?

Failure could result in somebody claiming they were discriminated against for one of the protected Characteristics under the Equality Act 2010 such as age, sex and disability.

Further information on what is included within Recruitment and the packages that we offer can be found by clicking below: 

Our company mission statement is “Helping companies take the pain out of managing people, whilst preventing people problems” but what does this actually mean?

Continually, throughout industry and with the current climate, high inflation and the end of Pandemic support measures, such as Furlough. What ‘Back to Basics’ are we are hearing about when out talking to clients and businesses in general?  What can you do or put in place to ensure you are proactive, working to best practice and an employer of choice?

Getting your companies ‘Seven HR – Back to basics’ and ‘Foundations (previous blog)’ in place is vital for the success of your business and helping you to prevent people problems.  Whilst creating a company where people wish to work, which leads to an increase in the bottom line and productivity.  Where there are no concerns for demotivating the team or threats of Employment Tribunal (ET) claims, plus bad working atmosphere.

7 HR – Back to basics – 1 – Recruitment

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