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HR services

Consensus HR

Your outsourced HR department.

If you are considering outsourcing HR, Consensus HR offer a full outsourced Human Resources department, providing a wide range of outsourced HR services to equip your business and team:

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Full HR services

We can offer an employment helpline and employers advice as you like.   Whether this is personal on site a legal advice helpline or virtual advice service dependant on your specific needs.

Advice on employment contracts and Employees handbook

We write an employees handbook specifically for your company and its requirements whilst ensuring the contents of an employee handbook meets all legal and best practice requirements.


Having to make redundancies in the workplace is never easy and is why we ensure our clients know the law of redundancy and what this entails.  Redundancy UK law is complex and businesses must seek professional advice to ensure the laws on redundancy are followed.


Working with our payrolling company we can ensure the setting up of payroll is not a problem.  Your employee payroll and payroll account will be set up with our partners and produced on a weekly or monthly basis.  Our payroll provider provides payrolls for a wide ranger of businesses in all sectors.


Management & Employee development programmes

Working with you, we can write, implement and evaluate a wide range of management development programmes such as Appraisal and Line Management skills.

Health and Safety - H&S

We can ensure that all areas of your Health and Safety H&S – are implemented correctly and work with your HR and are in line with the HSE.

Employment Law

We will ensure your company is always up to date on the latest Employment Laws and laws about employment whilst support you in implementing and maintaining.


Our Human Resources (HR) packages are written to suit your business and ensure a small business HR solution when needed.  We ensure you are working to best practice in HR for the benefit of the business and team.

Line manager responsibilities

Managing a team can be the hardest when you have never had to do it before and line management skills  are key to the success of a business.  we can provide people management skills, support and guidance on managing a team legally and to best practice.

Absence management

Managing absences of your team is a must and we can help you with putting the correct systems / procedures in place.

Complimentary HR Resources

We offer a range of Complimentary HR resources such as Holiday Forms, Employee Starter Form to changes of personal details forms.

Employment recruiting

Employment recruiting and ensuring recruitment is carried out correctly is a vital necessity when recruiting people as recruitment of the wrong person can lead to performance issues, grievances, increased costs, and lowering of morale in the existing workforce.

Employment law update

We regularly provide our clients with updates on laws on employment within the world of HR and how this may affect their business whilst providing support and updated documents.

Management of performance

Regular management of performance of the team and telling you what are appraisals and the appraisal purpose ensures that your team and business grow. We can help you design, implement and evaluate the most appropriate system for you.  We help businesses with how to do a appraisal whilst explaining what is a work appraisal.  Appraisals at work are a key necessity for a successful business.

What is Breathe HR?

Breathe is a simple people-management platform that’s designed to help SMEs just like you to save time on tedious HR admin. 

Our intuitive system brings all of your people-data together in one secure place, while allowing your people to log sickness, request holidays, update personal information, view documents and much more.

And, with Breathe’s flexible permissions settings, you can choose who has access to your team’s information, making it super-easy to keep sensitive data safe. 

Why Use Breathe HR?

Consensus HR - Herts, Beds

Why trial Breathe HR's software.

Introducing the Breathe HR Portal App


We help business owners with any HR​/​Development issues they may have​, from setting up their employment contracts, restrictive covenants, policies and procedures​, to managing those difficult issues such as performance, absence, disciplinaries​/​grievances or redundancies.

 We always ensure that your business follows the law​/​best practice and we will write all the legal letters required. Our advice is provided by phone, email or on-site.

 We ensure that your company always gets the fully insured guidance that it needs and at a fraction of the price of an in-house HR Dept.

We have the highest HR​/​Legal Qualifications available​, ​accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) and other leading professional bodies, including the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Bar Standards Board.

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