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Performance Management

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What is the purpose of a Performance Management process?


The purpose of our Performance Management Process is to make sure that each employee is clear about what is expected from them in their job​, w​hilst also understanding what they are doing well and what the manager can do to support and coach the employee to work differently or better.

Working towards the same company goals ensures success for the business as well as individuals working within it.


Each person should prepare for their Performance Management Meeting by reviewing their job description and any set objectives. These ​may be what were agreed during or since the last review meeting and completing a preparation form. Any discussions and comments for the previous year should be written down and discussed and objectives agreed for the coming six months​, using the job description relevant to ​the role and the company.

Performance Management


Working towards the same company goals ensures success for the business as well as individuals working within it. Consensus HR & Business – Herts & Beds recommends earliest development and implementation of correct policies and procedures.

We know ​that having a suitable performance review process in place helps to ​facilitate effective performance management – of your teams and your business. These steps allow for individual SMART objectives to be written and rewarded appropriately if achieved​,​ ​development identified​ or corrective action taken.

Two six-monthly structured ​one-to-one performance management meetings (appraisals) are recommended. These allow the individual and company management representative to sit down in a friendly environment and set

SMART objectives. Both company and personal goals are agreed for the team member to achieve. Feedback should be sought throughout the year. Plus, everyone is fully aware of initial actions and steps of last resort.

What can implementing an effective Performance Management Programme achieve?

  • Increase Team Motivation
  • Increase Sales
  • Retain Team Members
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Improve Business Performance

Above all, everybody understands how they contribute to the success of the business. They also know what corrective action will be taken should they not be willing or able to achieve the agreed objectives set.

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