The Impact of Party Animal Posts

The Impact of Party Animal Posts

71% of hiring decision makers use social media to screen applicants. 54% of companies have eliminated a candidate based on their social media feed alone.

These research findings demonstrate the enormous impact of social media on the recruitment process. The Harris Poll also found that 24% of hiring decision makers are not likely to hire someone without an online presence.

LinkedIn is the platform most employers use to check candidates’ online presence; a LinkedIn profile is often seen as a second CV. However, all social media is usually researched and accounts are often easily visible unless settings are proactively changed to ‘private’.

One employer told The Harris Poll: “I do believe social media is a good screening tool to see how the candidate communicates with others in an informal setting and also as a way to screen for potential red flags.”

Another participant advised: “Work to keep your social media accounts current, especially LinkedIn, to reflect your current work experience and accomplishments. They should be free of profanity and inappropriate photos. Remove any posts that may contain personal attacks. It’s ok to share your views but keep them professional and appropriate.”

The Impact of Party Animal Posts

Matthew Pinto-Chilcott of Consensus HR says: “The job market is so competitive these days. Employers are being very specific on what they want in relation to qualifications and competences and are only taking on the best applicants. That means your social media presence whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. must be absolutely spotless. The Facebook trawl is becoming standard practice in recruiting and something we use as part of the recruitment process.”

The Impact of Party Animal Posts

A Positive Impact

Social media profiles can have a favourable impact too. A research participant said: “One candidate’s application wasn’t so great, but her Facebook backed up all the voluntary work she claimed she did. We took her on, and she’s been one of our finest investments.”

Should Social Media Posts Matter?

“A candidate’s qualifications and experience should be an employer’s main focus,” explains Matthew. “However, character and how people portray themselves online are very important too.”

Social media posts can have a negative impact if they involve:

  • Inappropriate remarks and photos
  • Grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Complaining about previous employers
  • Bullying others online
  • Inconsistent history of jobs and experience


The Impact of Party Animal Posts

To summarise, whilst social media content may not be the deciding factor within the recruitment process it is hugely influential.

To discuss how social media can help your recruitment process, contact the Consensus HR team for an initial discussion.

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