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Our Latest blog: The importance of management skills when being given the important position of ‘Manager’.


Managerial Skills: Success Essentials | Consensus HR in Herts & Beds

At Consensus HR, we work with a number of clients of various sizes and sectors from one employee to 250 employees.  As part of our HR & Employment Law services we provide we continually work with them and their management to run the business successfully whilst making it an enjoyable and productive place to work.  Many people are given a managerial role but not the development / skills to do it correctly for theirs and business success, but why is being a manager not easy and what skills do they need to be a success?


Being a manager is challenging due to a variety of factors, including the complexity of responsibilities, the need to balance different expectations, and the necessity of possessing a diverse skill set. Here are some reasons why being a manager is not easy:

  1. Balancing Multiple Roles and Responsibilities: Managers often must juggle administrative duties, strategic planning, team management, and personal contributions to projects.
  2. People Management: Managing a diverse team with different personalities, motivations, and work styles requires empathy, patience, and strong interpersonal skills. Resolving conflicts, providing feedback, and fostering a positive team environment are crucial yet challenging aspects.
  3. Decision Making: Managers are responsible for making decisions that can significantly impact the team and the organisation. These decisions often need to be made under pressure and with incomplete information.
  4. Accountability: Managers are held accountable for their team’s performance and outcomes. This includes meeting targets, maintaining productivity, and ensuring quality, all of which can be stressful.
  5. Change Management: Managers need to adapt to and manage changes within the organisation, whether due to market shifts, organisational restructuring, or new technologies. This requires flexibility and the ability to lead a team through transitions smoothly.
  6. Time Management: Balancing the demands of managing a team with other responsibilities requires excellent time management skills. Prioritising tasks and delegating effectively are essential to avoid burnout.
Managerial Skills: Success Essentials | Consensus HR in Herts & Beds
Managerial Skills: Success Essentials | Consensus HR in Herts & Beds

To be a successful manager, the following skills / competencies are essential:

  1. Leadership: The ability to inspire and motivate a team, set a vision, and lead by example.
  2. Communication: Clear and effective communication is crucial for conveying expectations, providing feedback, and ensuring that team members are aligned with goals.
  3. Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and managing your own emotions, as well as empathising with others, helps in building strong relationships and resolving conflicts.
  4. Problem-Solving: Managers must be able to identify problems, analyse potential solutions, and implement effective strategies.
  5. Delegation: Knowing how to delegate tasks appropriately ensures that workloads are balanced, and team members are empowered to contribute their best.
  6. Time Management: Prioritising tasks, setting deadlines, and managing your own time efficiently helps in meeting organisational goals without undue stress.
  7. Adaptability: Being open to change and able to manage uncertainty is crucial in a dynamic business environment.
  8. Decision Making: The ability to make informed, timely decisions that consider both short-term and long-term implications.
  9. Coaching and Mentoring: Helping team members develop their skills and advance in their careers contributes to a more capable and motivated team.
  10. Strategic Thinking: Understanding the broader business context and aligning team efforts with organisational goals.

My HR Comment / Advice: Management Development.

Matthew Chilcott, Owner of Consensus HR comments: “By developing these skills, a manager can navigate the complexities of their role more effectively and create a productive, positive work environment.  These skills should be part of an employee’s performance review (Appraisal) which should take place in a structured format at least every six months using their Job Description and measurable Competency Framework.

Managing a team or business is never easy and as I always say “Rome, was not built in a day!”.  However, Rome can be built successfully over a structured time frame and with a detailed Management Development Plan for the business owner, manager and team.  I know when I was privileged to be a manager many years ago within Hospitalities and Forte Restaurants / Welcome Break, I needed to develop in many management skills as those highlighted within this article.  I was lucky as a detailed plan was offered but the majority was on the job at the coal face.  At Consensus HR we offer our clients and their teams all areas of management development, if needed such as:

  • Managing and implementing Performance Management (Appraisals)
  • How to improve mental health and Managing Mental Health in the workplace
  • Teamwork & Delegation Skills
  • Diversity and Equality
  • Successful Recruitment Interviewing
  • Teamwork & Delegation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Equality & Dignity
  • Health & Safety 

And much more………

Consensus HR encourages clients to have a policy in place that covers all areas including:

How robust is your Management / Team development and Skills? Talk to Matthew at Consensus HR and find out!”

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