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Research carried out by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) shows that almost a third of UK workers have quit a job because of a negative workplace culture. The poll, which highlighted concern about the quality of management, saw 28% of the 2,018 workers questioned say they left a job due to a negative relationship with a manager, while 12% pointed to discrimination or harassment. Among those who said they had an ineffective manager, a third said they were less motivated to do a good job, while around half were considering leaving in the next 12 months. The CMI found that 82% of new managers are “accidental managers” who have no formal training in management or leadership. Among this group, 15% said they had called out poor behaviour, while among managers who had undergone training, the rate was 25%. Anthony Painter, the CMI’s director of policy, said improving the performance of UK managers is crucial to preventing toxic workplace cultures developing, warning that “this stuff is dragging down businesses, dragging down the economy.” 


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Our HR comment: – Bad management is driving workers to quit | Consensus HR – Herts, Beds

Matthew P Chilcott – FCIPD, ACEL, Owner of Consensus HR comments: “This is a very interesting article in The Guardian and explains the importance of a good manager.  Unfortunately, from my experience back in the Hospitality days, many people are promoted for the wrong reasons such as never being sick or good at their job, but managing is completely different cattle of fish!  All managers need to be the development required to be successful in their job as management is not easy in the best of worlds.  We are currently running some development workshops for a local charity for their management team in subject such as:  Delegation and Questioning skills amongst many others to help their team.  Businesses need to ask themselves – “Is your management driving a high number of workers to quit and if yes, what are you doing about it?”


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