Firms stick to four-day working week after trial ends 

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Matthew Pinto-Chilcott, Owner of Consensus HR comments: “Further to our previous blog on 28th January 2022, it would seem that most of the British companies who took part in the four day week are. now sticking to it.  Previously we commented: “we believe as long as the correct Policies and Procedures are put in place for the team and company and the required results are achieved, then why not have a four-day week?  Are more companies who can accommodate this due to their business sector / products going to give it a try?  We wait to see if cultures / business sectors see the benefit and make the change following what has happened over the previous three years with the Pandemic and major changes to companies having to happen due to not having a choice.”

NEWS ARTICLE: Firms stick to four-day working week after trial ends 

Most of the British companies taking part in the world’s largest trial of a four-day week are to continue with the new working pattern. Of the 61 companies that started the six-month trial, 56 have extended the four-day week, including 18 who have made it permanent. The vast majority of companies reported that they were satisfied with productivity and business performance over the trial period. The six-month trial was organised by campaign group 4 Day Week Global, think-tank Autonomy and researchers at Boston College and the universities of Cambridge and Oxford. The findings of the trial are to be presented to MPs on Tuesday as part of a lobbying push to encourage the UK government to change legislation to give staff the right to request a four-day pattern. Joe Ryle, the director of the 4 Day Week Campaign, described the trial as a “major breakthrough moment,” adding: “Across a wide variety of sectors, wellbeing has improved dramatically for staff; and business productivity has either been maintained or improved in nearly every case . . . We’re really pleased with the results and hopefully it does show that the time to roll out a four-day week more widely has surely come.” Juliet Schor, an economist and sociologist at Boston College, observed: “At the beginning, this was about pandemic burnout for a lot of employers. Now it’s more of a retention and recruitment issue for many of them.”  


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