FAQ Five – They want to go part-time

They want to go part-time – All members of the team are entitled to make a flexible work request once in a twelve-month period and must follow the companies Flexible Working Policy and Procedures.

Firstly, a letter needs to be written by the employee outlining what they are requesting, whilst also explaining how they believe the change could be managed.  Once this is received a meeting is arranged to discuss and the decision given to the employee of the outcome of their request.  The outcome may be straight forward or entail changes to their current T&C’s.

If you are considering a Flexible Working request or have a member of the team that has requested on, please contact us now so that we can explain fully the procedure and what is expected from the employee who is requesting flexible working.

Hilton Foods Solutions Ltd v Wright - Parental leave: Detriment for seeking to take | Consensus HR | Herts, Beds

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If you have an employee who wishes to amend their hours / days and are not sure, what action to take, contact us now.

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