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Email & Employers Helpline:


Sometimes our clients wish to gain advice urgently and prefer to either telephone or send an email. ​That is ​why for a small monthly fee we can provide unlimited advice from our Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) qualified professionals.

On the whole​, ​we are able to answer questions immediately but should further information be required we will get back to you within 4 hours. As part of our advice​, ​we will provide draft legal letters to ensure your company follows best practice ​and​ the law.

Understanding Employment Law can be hard for any business to ensure it continually adheres to the laws set by Parliament. Employment Tribunal (ET) fees on average cost £7,000 per day for 4 days, totalling around £28,000. ​We ask our clients why they would risk ​incurring these costs as well as their status as a reputable employer​, and support them in putting the right systems in place.

Did you know by law that all members of your team are entitled to a Contract of Employment from day one of employment with a business?

​Seeking professional HR and business advice can help your business be proactive rather than reactive. You’ll be doing as much as possible to prevent disputes from happening. Should you have to proceed to ACAS conciliation or ET, you’ll be able to demonstrate best practice and activities meeting legal requirements. Your business will be seen as a business of preference to work ​for​. You’ll also achiev​e​ better sales, employee motivation and reduced turnover of staff.

The team are Chartered members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and hold an advanced qualification in employment law (ACEL)